• Metis: Planning software used to schedule all courses at IÉSEG School of Management.
  • BBaRT: Bundling, Backhauling, and Roundtrip Tool. Allows to find bundling, backhauling, and roundtrip opportunities in a large database of transport lanes. (screenshots).
  • Project Network Analyzer: Allows to obtain maximum eNPV/minimum makespan for a wide range of projects. Takes into account activity failure, stochastic activity durations, resources, modules, multi-mode execution, etc. (executable).
  • Horizontal Cooperation Analyzer: Finds the optimal horizontal cooperation for a wide range of settings. Takes into account different ordering policies, stochastic lead times, demands, etc. (executable).
  • G(t)/G(t)/s(t)+G(t) Queue Analyzer: Allows to obtain a wide range of performance metrics for the G(t)/G(t)/s(t)+G(t) queue. (executable).
  • Dice game: An extended version of the DICE game that allows to illustrate the concepts of blocking, starvation, demand variability etc. (executable) (documentation) (website).
  • RiskTool: An add-in for Microsoft Project that enables risk analysis, monte carlo simulation, optimal buffering, risk mitigation using CDC, cost analysis etc. (installer) (documentation).
  • Project Scheduling Policy Evaluator: Evaluates the makespan of a priority list when activity durations are exponentially distributed. Additional start-start constraints can be specified as well. (executable).
  • M/GI/s/r+GI Queue Analyzer: Implementation of the M/GI/s/r+GI queue as described in "Whitt Ward, 2005, Engineering solution of a basic call-center model, Management Science, vol. 51, no. 2, pp. 221 - 235". (DOI) (executable).